Neelesh Kulkarni


About Me

Mr. Neelesh Kulkarni is an Engineering graduate having more than 25 years of experience in working closely in water infrastructure related sectors all over the country. Has experience of working on programs involving  integration of IT services in the water infrastructure sector.

He has experience of assessment, design, construction, supervision, rehabilitation, extension operation and maintenance of participatory water management and drinking water supply projects. He has been involved in field based research projects especially in participatory water management.

He also has experience of working on development of policy at the national level both in India and in other countries as well as at all levels – national policy level to project implementation in rural and urban infrastructure projects in India.

He has worked extensively in a support and capacity building role to various government departments and NGOs all over the country. He has good networking abilities and rapport with the champions in the water sector trying to innovate at grassroots level. Has designed and implemented various CSR initiatives promoted by various corporate companies in water infrastructure and NRM sector.

He has worked at policy level in application of electronics and IT for social and rural development in Mumbai, Maharashtra and at National level in New Delhi, India. He has also worked at national level in the advisory role with Ministry of rural Development in New Delhi in the field of watershed development.