The PriMove Human Resource policy encourages teamwork, promotes job ownership, and rewards excellence & performance. Our workplace offers equal and ample growth opportunities for all employees, as well as performance-based incentive programs and benefits. Our People Practices and Initiatives aim at making our People not just another brick in the wall, but resilient pillars of the Organisation in their unique way. Our HR practices have been moulded, keeping business, clients, social as well as individual goals in mind.
Attraction, Retention and growth of Human Resources, the most valuable asset of the organization, has always remained one of the highest priorities of the PriMove Management. PriMove has a unique corporate culture that fosters multi-faceted growth of its people. The ‘Human Resources’ mission statement has come to life as a result of the practices being followed at PriMove since its inception, which have now become an inherent part of the PriMove culture.

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