Prime Movers of Progress

'First Choice of Clients, Partners and Professionals in the Infrastructure Sector'.

The New World sees no limit to growth and development.
Our business interests lie at the heart of this growth.

Matching resources with the perceived demands, we at Primove, strive to fulfill people's dreams. We have helped quench their thirst, water their farms, build roads to their cherished destinations, shelter their loved ones as well as their precious possessions, sanitize their settlements and rebuild their lives. We love to put a smile on their lips.

The small daily difference we make to their lives adds up to the big difference for Mankind.

As Consultants for Urban and Rural Infrastructure Development, we plan development, provide technical services and build capacities for a better quality of life.

The spectrum of our services ranges widely from robust technical designs, project development, master planning and capacity building through motivating communities and utilizing local resources to policy formulation. Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to better understand and serve our clients.

We serve national and local governments, international development agencies, corporate companies and also community based organizations.

Our team with multidimensional expertise works diligently to understand the client requirements and engineer suitable solutions.

We are committed to giving our customers optimum value for their resources.

In a constantly changing environment, we adapt to the latest techniques and modern-most processes. We conscientiously adopt an eco-friendly approach and consistently innovate to deliver appropriate solutions.

We dynamically forge partnerships to take technology and services to the most worthy destinations.

The driving force behind all our endeavours is our compassion for Mankind and our commitment to the betterment of its living conditions.


Our products and services give impetus to the growth engine of the focused zone. That's why we take the onus of being the Prime Movers of Development.


Vision Statement

First choice of clients, partners and professionals in the Infrastructure sector.

We are determined to grow as a focused & innovative service provider. We have geared up to provide end to end solutions in infrastructure sector. We align ourselves with the changing needs of our global customers. We emphasize on ecology, culture, technology, processes, economics and most importantly, people.

We are a learning organization with an open culture, encouraging working environment and a firm value system. 

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