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PriMove staff and associate consultants' team comprises of highly experienced and skilled personnel from a wide range of disciplines. All our team-mates have comprehensive field exposure, excellent academic qualifications and commendable work-skills.

Typical skill sets include-


Civil Engineers

Town planners
Environmental Engineers
Development Planners
Finance and management experts
Agriculture experts
Institution development and capacity building experts

Dr. Mukund Ghare (Director)

Dr. Ghare has a holistic understanding of water sector in India . Right from Gandhian concept of self reliant villages to development of appropriate technology necessary for rural and urban ares, his contribution especially in drinking water sector is well known. His academic scholarship as a master hydro-geologist coupled with his strongly grounded experience of working in the rural development sector for three decades has is widely acknowledged in this sector.

Dr. Ghare as a Three-term chairperson of AFARM is supporting voluntary sector for efficient implementation of various water sector projects funded by Governments and international donor agencies.

Dr. Ghare is known as one of the pioneers of watershed management through local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the state of Maharashtra . In mid-1980s he was a member of National Drinking Water technology Mission . He has helped government develop guidelines for watershed management projects and training guidelines for support organizations working with NGOs in such projects. He has been tracking the developments in the drinking water sector of Government of India for last 30 years. Dr. Ghare is working closely with around 200 NGOs in Maharashtra to build their capacity on Natural Resource Management projects.

He is the chief mentor at PriMove.


Ajeet Oak  (Director)

  • From designing a storm water management system of Pune city in  Maharashtra ( India ) to assessing a possible draught situation in western Africa , Ajeet Oak has a versatile hands-on experience. For last 17 years in the profession, Ajeet has had extensive experience in the development sector and emergencies management in India and abroad. He is responsible for the technical services division at  PriMove.
  • As a watsan engineer, Ajeet has trained UNICEF staff from Northern Iraq and the staff of Government of Syria. He worked on drought assessment in Eritrea (Africa), flood assessment in southern Russia , and planning of watershed projects in Tanzania . He has worked in highly sensitive security zones like Afghanistan , Sierra Leone , and Iraq-Syria border.
  • Ajeet has conducted capacity building programs on O & M (Operation and Maintenance) studies in the water and sanitation sector. Working in emergencies on water and sanitation is his passion and expertise. He led teams assessing the damaged dams and designing the water supply projects for villages in Kutch (Gujarat state) and Latur ( Maharashtra state) after devastating earthquakes.
  • As a member of RedR (Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief), Ajeet organized a weeklong RedR training course on Environmental health in emergencies.




Ajit Phadnis  (Director)

  • Planning a public project, creating its design, working out an implementation strategy, and capacity building of the concerned staff is Ajit Phadnis specialization. He is responsible for  the capacity building and Development planning divisions at PriMove.
  • Whether it is planning a Natural Resource Management (NRM) project in the foothills of Himalayas or designing of Water & Sanitation program for deserts of Kutch Ajit has provided policy support on sector reforms to many governments. He has trained government staff as well as NGO workers on implementation of participatory and demand led NRM projects. Villages in earthquake torn Gujarat and drought affected Marathwada have benefited from Ajit's efficient planning and capacity building activities.
  •   Basically a civil engineer, Ajit has seventeen years professional experience of working on water resource development, water supply, building construction, environmental sanitation and NRM projects.
  •   He has worked with governments both in India and abroad, and also with NGOs, bilateral and multilateral agencies at policy level for feasibility studies, formation of program framework and providing capacity building support for implementation. A member of RedR, he has been on many emergency response missions.



Neelesh Kulkarni  (Director)

Neelesh Kulkarni has a range experience of implementing a participatory development project in a micro watershed to developing a natural resource management plan for a river basin. He has worked as consultant to grass root level NGOs and was also an advisor on Water Resource Development to Government of India. His experience of over 17 years includes support to NGOs for preparation of participatory water management plans all over the country, facilitating efforts for developing pro poor water policy for the country, and initiating dialogue with elected representative on water governance.

Neelesh worked as a consultant to Government of Maharashtra and the World Bank for pre-feasibility studies in Jalswarajya project in rural water supply and Sanitation sector. He has worked with various government departments especially in Maharashtra for developing participatory approaches in their working through innovating change management processes.

Apart from his work in the water sector, Neelesh being an Electronics engineer has also worked with the Information Technology Task Force of the government of Maharashtra and was instrumental in formulating a comprehensive IT policy for masses in Maharashtra . He is responsible for business development at PriMove



Ashwini Lele  (Manager Action & Policy Research Unit)

Her M.Phil. from Cambridge University (UK) crowning her bright academic career, Ashwini Lele has had ‘development planning' experience at many levels. She has worked on macro policy levels and has also led in depth micro level studies of selected districts or villages.

She has recently led a status study of reforms in water supply and sanitation sector in Maharashtra for WSP-SA. She manages the action and policy research unit at PriMove.

Ashwini had coordinated assignments of functional review of Department of Water supply and sanitation and water conservation department of Maharashtra . The review aimed at identifying necessary changes at functional as well as at the policy level to achieve the goal of ‘good governance'.

Ashwini led a study on “Water sector projects in Maharashtra , a case study of selected villages”. The study focuses on sustainability of local decentralized interventions in Water conservation and distribution. She conceptualized an important study of Gadge Baba Gram Swachhata Abhiyan (village cleanliness campaign attributes to a renowned saint in Maharashtra ), and supervised data collection and analysis therein. This study focused on 25 Village Panchayats and analyzed the reasons behind sustainability of change induced by the said campaign.

Ashwini has been a faculty to CDSA (Centre for Development Studies and Activities) Pune where she was teaching statistical method to post-graduate students.

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