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PriMove has developed various knowledge products regarding water supply, sanitation, agriculture, natural resources management, development planning, etc. These knowledge products include policies, study reports, documentation of best practices, training modules and manuals, capacity needs assessment reports, program roll out frameworks, advocacy notes, DPRs, etc.

  1. Roll Out Strategy for program implementation
  2. Report On Growth Centers in Maharashtra
  3. Study of Economic Base of Growth Centers in Maharashtra
  4. Capacity Building Strategy
  5. Technology options Manual
  6. Implementation Guideline for Convergence of Government Schemes
  7. Micro Planning Process for planning and Implementation of Village level Action Plans
  1. Village Water Safety Security (VWSS) Handbooks – set of 4 handbooks
  2. Module and Manual on VWSS
  3. Note on Village Water Safety Security & Environmental Sanitation
  4. Report on Effective Integration of WASH activities in VHND
  5. Diarrhoea Prevention and Management Framework
  6. Best Practice Documentation
  7. Monitoring framework for implementation of VWSS
  8. Chandrapur District Water Safety Plan
  1. VWSS module and manual for Madhya Pradesh
  2. Swajal roll out plan for Barwani and Chattarpur districts in Madhya Pradesh
  3. VWSS rollout plan for Indore district in Madhya Pradesh
  4. VWSS module and manual for Uttar Pradesh
  5. Advocacy Package for VWSS in Uttar Pradesh
  6. VWSS module and manual for Jharkhand
  7. VWSS module and manual for West Bengal
  1. WASH sector Capacity Needs Assessment (CNA) Report
  2. Training Policy for Maharashtra Water and Sanitation Sector
  3. Capacity building plan for water and sanitation sector, Maharashtra
  4. Implementation plan for rolling out the Capacity building plan
  5. Framework and System for Monitoring the rollout and Implementation of Capacity Building Plans
  6. Training modules and manuals on-
  7. General
    Training Program on M&E System for WATSAN
    Training program on Computer Applications in office Management
    Training Program on Microsoft Access
    Training Program on Financial Management (Finance /Non Finance Officers)
    Training program on Procurement Management and e-Tendering for WATSAN
    Training Program on Financial and Physical Closure of Schemes
    Training Program on Advanced Technologies in Water Supply
    Training programe on Direct Trainers Skills (DTS)
    Orientation training program on ODF plus
    Training program on Strengthening of Sources, using conventional and un-conventional method.
    Training Program on Operation and Maintenance of WS Schemes and their Exit
    Training programe on Leadership Development
    Training Program on Open Defecation Elimination Planning Process (ODEP)
    Orientation training on WATSAN sector programes
    Training program on Water Quality Management and Advanced Treatment Technologies
    Orientation training on Rain Water Harvesting
  8. MJP
    Training Program on Preparation of DPR and Tender documents for RWS System
    Training program on Planning, Designing, Construction, Supervision and Quality Control of PWSS
    Training Program on SCADA & Automation For Water Supply Schemes
    Training Program on Water Gems,Epanet and Sewer Gems
    Training program on Transforming Intermittent WSS in to 24 x 7 Continuous syst
    Training Program on Microsoft Projects (MSP)
  9. GSDA 
    Training program on GW Estimation Techniques.
    Training program on Application of RS & GIS in GW Management
    Training program on Water Safety and Security plan
    Training program on Aquifer Delineation using hydrological, geo-physical and WQ tools.
    Training program on Participatory GW Management.
    Training program on  GW legislations
  10. JSII 
    Training Program on Documentation and IEC Strategies for RWS programs
    Training Program on Social Management Strategies for RWS programs
    Training Program on Participatory Monitoring of Water Supply Schemes
    Training Program on Social Audit
    Training Program for Pump Operators
    Training Program on PRA
  11. WSSO 
    Training program on Role and Responsibility of PRI & VWSCs in Execution of Water Supply and Sanitation
    Training Program on Accounting Procedure, Book Keeping and Reconciliation of accounts
    Training Program on Human Excreta Management , solid – Liquid Waste Management and Advanced Technologies
    Training program on Water Quality, Health & Hygiene
    Training Program on Reporting and Documentation
    Orientation Training Program on Sanitary Hygiene

Strategic plan for Sustainable Domestic Water Safety and Security in Maharashtra

  1. Manual for Village Water Safety and Security
  2. Technology options Manual
  3. Convergence manual
  4. Evaluation /Assessment of capacity building programs conducted by WASH Institute
  1. Module and Manual on ODEP
  2. Road Map for NBA Implementation in Maharashtra – Focus on open defecation free villages March 2014
  3. State Operational Manual Towards Open Defecation Free Rural Maharashtra
  4. Supply Chain Management Plan for Latur and Chandrapur Districts
  5. Operational manual for District Water Safety Planning (DWSP) Process
  6. Monitoring program for implementation of ODEP process
  7. District Sanitation Plans for 9 districts in Maharashtra
  8. Best Practice Documentation
  9. Coffee table book on best practices in sanitation
  1. Report on overall analysis of O&M, Metering and Tariff setting for RWS in Maharashtra state
  2. Inputs for O&M policy
  3. Inputs for Tariff policy
  4. Inputs for Metering Policy
  5. Note on Technology Options for Water Metering
  6. International Competitive Bid for Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of 10 Years for Smart AMR Water Metering & Associated Works
  1. Faecal Sludge management in Rural Areas under SBM (G)
  2. Sustainable sanitation under SBM Gramin
  3. ODF(S) plans for 10 districts in Maharashtra
  1. Facilitation Guide for Swajal ToT
  2. Participatory Planning and Communication
  3. Village Level Planning Workbook for Swajal Facilitators
  4. Technical Options and Construction Supervision
  5. O&M Management and Monitoring
  6. Source Sustainability and Scheme Convergence
  7. Operation and Maintenance Guide for single village mini pipe water supply scheme
  8. Swajal scheme guidebook for GPs
  9. Swajal scheme guidebook for District level Functionaries
  10. WATSAN Training module on Managing Safe and Secured Water supply for Master Trainers
  11. Sarpanch booklet on Managing Safe and Secured Water supply

Preparation of Training Manuals:

  • Post Harvest Practices, Marketing and Export of Mango Fruits
  • Pre and Post Harvest Management of Cashew nuts
  • Harvesting and Post Harvest Care in Citrus (Orange, sweet orange and K.lime)
  • Harvesting, Packing, Cooling, Marketing and Export of Grapes
  • Handling and Marketing Management in Coconut
  • Harvesting and post harvest care in pomegranate
  • Pre-post Harvest Care in Tomato, Potato, Chilli
  • Post Harvest Handling and Marketing of Vegetable (Okra, Brinjal, Leafy vegetables (Methi, Palak ) and Gawar)
  • Harvesting, Handling, Storage and Marketing of Produce (Onion, Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric)
  • Harvesting and Post harvest Care in Flowers
  • Post Harvest and Marketing of cotton
  • Post Harvest Management and Marketing of Oil seed Crops (Groundnut, Sunflower, Safflower and Sesamum )
  • Pre and Post harvest Measures and Marketing in soyabean
  • Pre and Post Harvest Management and Marketing in Pulses(Red gram, Green gram, Bengal gram, Black gram)
  • Post Harvest Techniques in Cereals (Wheat, Sorghum, Pearl Millet, Maize)
  • Pre and post Harvest Management and Marketing of Paddy
  • Government schemes for PHT and Value Addition
  • Logistic arrangements for transportation of Agro-commodities
  • Storage Management of Agro-commodities


Entrepreneurship Development – Processing of Agri. & Horti. Commodities

  • Processing opportunities in Mango 
  • Enterprises in Cashew and Cashew apple
  • Orange based Enterprises in Citrus (Orange, sweet orange and K.lime)
  • Raisin Production
  • Value Addition Avenues in Banana
  • Pomegranate Based Enterprises
  • Improved Harvesting Technique in Coconut
  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Coconut
  • Processing Entrepreneurship in Tomato, Potato, Chilli
  • Production and Marketing of Exotic Vegetables ( Zukini, Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage, Purple cabbage, Color Capsicum, baby corn)
  • Processing enterprises in Onion, Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric
  • Business Opportunities in Flower Decoration
  • Sugarcane Juice, Jaggary and Kakavi Production and Marketing
  • Small Scale Enterprises Opportunities in Oil seed- Groundnut, Sunflower, Safflower and Sesamum
  • Soya Products and its Marketing
  • Small Scale Dal Mill and Flour Mill
  • Ready to Eat (RTE) Pulse Products(Red gram, Green gram, Bengal gram, Black gram)
  • Small Scale Business Opportunities in Maize
  • Processing Opportunities in Wheat, Sorghum, Pearl Millet ,finger millet and Varai
  • Rice Processing Enterprises
  • Dehydrated, Canned and frozen Vegetables
  • Processing Opportunities in Minor Fruit Crops
  • (Karonda, Jackfruit, Jamun, Kokum, Amla, Custard apple, Guava, Tamarind, Fig, Wood apple, Sapota)
  • Chatani and Pickles Production
  • Agro-Entrepreneurship Development
  • Protected Cultivation of Vegetables and Flowers
  • Supply chain management in corporate retailing
  • Milk products


Farmer Producer Companies (FPOs)

  • Formation and registration of FPO 
  • Group farming and agri. marketing
  • procurement of Goods and materials for establishing Farmers Common Service Center
  • Role of Resource Persons in FPO management
  • Business plan preparation and implementation

Watershed Management

  • Agriculture Engineering  
  • Community mobilization
  • Planning of watershed
  • Role of Resource Persons in FPO management

Aquifer Management

  • Introduction to Aquifer management
  • Role of GWMA and VWSC in aquifer management
  • Inspection and MB recording
  • Participatory demand management ( groundwater )
  • Participatory ground water monitoring and rainfall measurement (Water persons and well owners)
  • Water budgeting and demand management
  • Maintenance and repairing of supply side measures
  • Exit process for aquifer villages