Renewable Energy


Decentralized energy solutions based on renewable sources through climate friendly technologies contribute to reduction of greenhouse gases and bridging demand – supply gap. Considerable amount of bio waste is generated from agriculture, dairy, sewage systems etc, which can be utilised to generate energy. We design projects involving appropriate renewable technology options such as bio gas, solar thermal and solar photo voltaic power generation.

Detailed Project Report And Project Management Consultancy Services (PMS)

Supported by a large pool of experts, PriMove provides services for developing Detailed Project Reports for various renewable energy projects. The services include technical and topographical surveys, rapid assessment of need, identifying appropriate renewable technology option for satisfying that need, and calculating viability of that option in comparison with conventional technology option.

PriMove provides Project Management on these projects as well. Our team ensures that projects are executed as per milestones with proper quality checks in place. We offer services such as construction quality management; procuring scheme materials as per design specifications; and evaluating the performance after implementation.

Project Details 

Water Resource Management & Development – Preparation of Master Plan
Sr. No. Name of Project Client Project Location Year of Completion Project Type
1 Preparation of DPR and Execution of Solar Water Supply Scheme in Goa State Public Works Department, Government of Goa Goa State 2015 Preparation of DPR and PMC
2 Techno-economic feasibility of SVO/ Renewable based village electrification in a cluster of 10/12 villages in Kolwan Valley in District Pune German Technical Corporation (GTZ) Pune Dist, Maharashtra 2008 Preparation of DPR