Tiger Biofilter STP


The Tiger Biofilter Sewage Treatment System provides rapid, safe and efficient sewage treatment. Based on patented technology, the Tiger Bio Filter uses a unique combination of filters and worms to dispose of sludge and sewage and recycles nearly 95% of wastewater.

The Tiger Technology- the basis of the Tiger Bio Filter- makes the TBF modular in design. Individual components of the TBF can be customized for best results. Further, the treatment system is self-regulating and can treat a range of wastewater volumes.

The Tiger Bio Filter has been installed in variety of places in Kerala and across Pune, including housing and commercial establishments in Ambegaon, industrial units in Shirval and a large scale sewage treatment plant in Sahakar Nagar, Pune. The versatility and efficiency of the Tiger Bio Filter makes it suitable for usage in sectors such as real estate and institutions and rural and urban local bodies.