Urban Sanitation

Urban Sanitation

Typically in any urban areas in India, low income population is forced to live in slums facing enormous challenges of basic amenities of water supply and sanitation. We have specialised solutions for onsite treatment of faecal sludge and also grey water. These systems can considerably improve hygiene in these densely populated areas and also cost effective solutions for toilets can be provided using the same method. This helps in eliminating open defecation, improving cleanliness and hygiene in a major way.

Detailed Project Report (DPR)

Supported by a large pool of experts. PriMove provides services for developing detailed project reports for infrastructure projects. The services include developing projects to seek finance, pretender activities as well as detailed engineering and construction level detailing to help effective execution

Project Details

Sr. No.
Name of Project
Project Location
Year of Completion
Project Type
Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Solid Waste Management & its Project Management for Ardhapur Nagarpanchayat
Ardhapur Nagarpanchayat
Ardhapur, Maharashtra
PMC ongoing
Preparation of DPR and PMC
Preparation of DPR and PMC for Implementation of Solid Waste Management & Treatment of Biodegradable fraction to Resource.
Malkapur Nagar Panchayat
Malkapur, Maharashtra
Preparation of DPR and PMC